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We are a Arizona based web development company, primarily building websites for the trade and service industries. Service occupations such as an electrician, home inspector, real estate agent, plumber, and many, many more. All built using the WordPress platform. Websites that are economical, professional, visually dynamic, developed and written with a search engine optimization (SEO) format. All sites are built to be properly displayed on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone.

Trade and service industries can provide a great living.?For instance, electricians earn more than the country’s mean wages of around $49,000 in 2016. In fact, depending on the industry, some electricians were paid more than $90,000 that year. An HVAC technician also earns about $51,000 a year. A plumber, meanwhile, can earn between $20.00 up to $26.00 per hour depending on the state where they operate. Independent home inspectors can make over 100,000 a year (about 75.00 an hr). Another advantage of going into trade is that it takes less time to get your certificate as you will train from six months to two years on average compared to a four-year college degree.


SEO for Skilled Trade Skills, and All Service Industries

For all the time and resources, you’ve spent earning your certificate, or license, as well as the training involved to master your craft, do you feel like you’re not getting enough clients??While we don’t doubt at all your expertise in your respective fields, we know competition can be stiff.

The Internet as a marketplace, however, is a whole another monster. And this is where we come in.?SEO will help connect you to your target market to help grow your client base, and the rest is up to you.?For most people, they think that having a website is enough. Remember the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams” where Kevin Costner’s character always hears a voice that says, “If you build it, they will come?”?Well, this is nothing like that.

The common mistake for companies and service providers is to make their web pages themselves by just relying on the default codes of free website builders.?We get it. You need to save money. But are you, really??The problem is that your website is not optimized to make your online presence more efficient and match your business objectives.

While our foundation is the WordPress platform, we will write additional codes that will be tailor-fitted to your requirements.?This means that your website is more secure, faster, and fully optimized.?In effect, you are not ensuring your digital footprint but also making sure your intended audience knows about it.

How Do We Do This

We can help you achieve your business goals with a few tools of our craft. Among these are:

Website Optimization?– Arguably, the most important aspect of website optimization is the search engine. Your efforts will be for nothing if Google can’t read your website properly, much less finds it on the vast marketplace that is the Internet.? The worse thing is that your competitor that hired a competent SEO expert will definitely rank better when customers search Google for plumbers, roofer, electricians, HVAC contractors, home inspectors, and other skilled trades. Your website should also be optimized to be compatible with all devices, especially smartphones where people are spending a total of 4-5 hours per day.?

Content Generation?– Sure, you have your certificate and probably finished your apprenticeship with a master to further hone your skills. But how do you establish your credibility to people who don’t know your work? Blogging on social media and microsites is just one way of showing that you know what you are talking about. You lend the expertise, we create the content. SEO content doesn’t just refer to articles but also videos, audios, and graphics. Of course, rich content should include meta description, alt tags, short URLs, and other effective SEO strategies.

Hyperlocal SEO

Hyperlocal SEO is basically focusing on your target audience reach. Charity begins at home while business begins in your own community. This is just the logical step. If your office or home base is in Brooklyn, for instance, it makes sense to connect you to nearby residents who are ready to get your service. These are residents who, at that very moment, are looking for your expertise. Geo-location makes it possible for Google to connect them with a technician near them. Of course, that’s with the assumption that you are on Google’s radar in the first place. With the advances in AI or smart devices, there’s now a need to optimize for voice searches. In fact, by 2020, half of the searches online will be through voice application. Smart speakers will start to be a staple in homes by 2022, which means people are no longer looking at their screen to search for something. We can help prepare you for this next step.

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Our company’s aim is to make things a little easier for you, expand your reach, and increase your take-home pay. Sure, you are going to spend some money to hire professional services. But think about it. Would you recommend that your customers should go the DIY route to solve their problem?? We are going to give you the same advice that you give your customers. Leave this matter to a professional. This way you don’t spend all that money?and time with no results. And time is money.

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